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Areco Steel with Cwakeme High School

A joyous day at Cwakeme High School, as students and teachers gathered together to celebrate the launch of a fruitful partnership between the school and, Peter and Elisabet Areskog(Areco Steel).
To mark the beginning of a beautiful partnership, Areco Steel has committed to a scholarship program at Cwakeme High School. Every year, 10 aspiring students will receive a stipend worth R5 000 to cover their registration fees into university, with the hope that it will bring them closer to achieving their career goals.

The principal of the school Mr. A.T Lubanya thanked the sponsors and reassured them by saying: “We are going to do everything to make sure that the school thrives, and with you by our side, we know we can do it.”

Founders of Star for Life Dan and Christin Olofsson were present to witness and bless the partnership. “When I look at you, I see the future of South Africa, you are going to build a country, and the role that you play is very important. We chose to invest in you because you are important for the future.” Said Dan Olofsson, as he motivated students to always strive to be the best version of themselves.

A special thank you to the Department of Education, represented by Mr. Nsimbi, for their amazing support towards the Star For Life programme in schools.

The day was filled with entertaining musical performances by Triple & Touch and the Star Choir, While students showcased their joy and gratitude through their unique traditional dances.

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