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News from Inkanyiso Creche – 2022

Dear Friends of Inkanyiso Crèche,

This past year has seen the Inkanyiso Crèche grow from strength to strength. After the frenetic energy of trying to return to normal as quickly as possible in 2021, 2022 has been focused on settling the children into their routines and enjoying seeing them flourish.

With the majority of our capital projects completed in 2021, we were able to allocate more funding to the Crèche’s monthly support. This includes providing teaching and cleaning materials, WIFI, stationery and paying monthly stipends to the teacher and teaching assistant. Furthermore, the Thanda Foundaton Trust continued to assist in ensuring that the Jojo tanks were supplied with water, a scarce resource, which is then used for the toilets, basins and to ensure clean water is available for consumption. We also continued with the porridge feeding scheme, which has proven to be incredibly popular, with every child knowing that they have a meal ready and waiting for them at the Crèche.

We have been very fortunate to receive donations of lego, toys, clothing and porridge from various Thanda Safari guests and friends of Inkanyiso Crèche. These donations help to stretch the funding that we receive and allow us to support more initiatives at the Crèche. They also bring such joy to the children.


Due to the growing need of the Crèche it was decided at the end of 2022 to add a helper to the team, to assist teachers Lungi and Neli with the cleaning, meal preparation and caring for the littlest children’s needs. This allows our teachers more time to focus on teaching and engaging with the children. We are very excited to have Phethelephi join the Inkanyiso Crèche team.

The appreciation for the Crèche could clearly be seen in our annual year end graduation ceremony. The parents, grandparents, members of the community and Thanda Safari, as well as the teachers celebrated the children’s achievements over the past year with 22 of our 44 children graduating and moving on to pre-primary school. Each of the graduates received a back-pack hamper to assist them with their future studies as well as a graduation certificate that they were very proud to receive. All students received a small snack hamper to take home with them.

Once again in preparation for our new joiners, we topped up our uniforms on hand, and just as well we did. By the end of December, we had 43 children registered, with the number growing to over 50 in 2023! This is a clear indication of the community’s need for the Crèche and appreciation of your generous donations which allow the Crèche to operate at such a wonderful standard.

Thanda Foundation Trust would once again like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation and continued support.


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