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Inkanyiso Creche Update – Feb 2020

Dear friends,

A lot has happened since my last report to you. As pictures speak more than words I have included many images with my text. Thanks again for the generous donations which helped us to implement many projects at the crèche. Your continued support enables us to help many underprivileged children in the rural areas of Zululand.

We are working on identifying two more projects in the other two communities which border Thanda Safari. Please let me know if you want to help us with the future projects. I really appreciate any support we can get to improve the lives of these young ones. I will continue to keep you updated on our progress!

… and now the Inkanyiso Crèche news …


Thirteen kids graduated end of last year and have now started primary school. Thanks to Lungy, our teacher, they are well prepared for their school life. We had a great party to celebrate the occasion.


Many volunteers have helped over the last 18 months to improve the crèche. But none contributed as much as Miss Olivia – which is what the kids called her – an Australian Primary School Teacher co-teaching at the crèche for four weeks. If you are a teacher who would like to spend a few weeks as an Ulwazi Volunteer with Lungy and the children then just contact me at

Jungle Gym

It is not news any more but it is still the favourite place for most of the children.

Flying High

The new trampoline is another winner.

Daily Breakfast

Not one of the kids starts the day hungry any more. We are providing a flavoured porridge breakfast with full fat milk every morning. One of our generous donors has provided funds for the breakfast throughout 2020!

Water & toilets

We have added gutters to the roof and installed multiple water tanks to capture the most valuable commodity on earth: Water! And the new toilets are being built as we speak. It takes a bit longer than originally planned but it is happening now.
This is called African Time.

Power for the Crèche

We just installed solar panels and a battery bank to supply the crèche with DC power. This allows charging phones, a small tablet, a small sound system and it provides LED light. The system was installed by EcoElite, who donated system components and will provide service for the system for the next five years. The power will also be used for the water pump for the toilets.

Warm in the Winter for the Class of 2020

One of our generous donors brought 30 woollen beanies and 30 pair of gloves for the little ones. They will be of great use in the upcoming winter. Most of the kids put them on immediately and ‘tested’ them on the jungle gym. The sunny summer weather did not stop them using their newly acquired clothes.

All of us can be proud of what has been achieved in the last 18 months. And there are more projects for the crèche to come: Tiles for the room floors, a shaded outside area, additional training for our teacher, etc.

We also need to create a yearly fund for the ongoing costs (teacher salary, teaching materials, etc.).

And as always at the end: We are grateful for any donation small or large. If we all work together we will be able to keep the Inkanyiso Crèche going for many years to come.

Christian Sperka, February 2020

The Inkanyiso Crèche is supported by many Thanda Safari Guests, the Thanda Foundation Trust,

and Friends of the Crèche from all Around the World.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Would you like to help?

Should you be interested in assisting with the crèche, or seek further information on the crèche or what Thanda Foundation Trust does, kindly email

Thanda Foundation Trust
Standard Bank
Cheque Account
Account Number 062408917

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