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Inkanyiso Creche update 2020

Dear Friends,

We could never have imagined that 2020 would turn into the year that it has been. The global pandemic has impacted each and every one of us is so many ways and although this has been one of the most challenging years that we have faced, we are proud to have grown through the hardships.

We have used the year to complete a number of the projects that were started in 2019 as well as to start some very exciting new projects, which we look forward to sharing with you in our news below. We would very much like to thank our generous donors and sponsors who continue to support our work at Inkanyiso Crèche, without your generosity we would not be able to help so many underprivileged children in rural Zululand.

We hope that you will continue to support Thanda Foundation and Inkanyiso Crèche for both the crèche upgrade projects and the much needed monthly assistance which amongst others, includes supporting our teachers, our breakfast feeding scheme and school materials. 

We look forward to 2021 and with it the opportunities that a new year brings. 

2020 – A Year to Remember


Inkanyiso Crèche held a wonderful (socially distanced) graduation party for our 21 learners who will be attending primary school next year. 35 of our students were present and along with parents, grandparents, Thanda staff, Ulwazi volunteers and members of the community a wonderful party was had, the cake was especially appreciated! Each of our students received a backpack as a year-end gift and our graduates received a certificate to mark the hard work that they put in this year. 

Daily Breakfast

Our breakfast programme very much needed and was deeply missed by the students whilst the school was closed due to the lockdown regulations. As soon as the school was opened the breakfast continued and the children enjoyed their flavoured porridge breakfast with full-fat milk every morning.

Water and toilets

After a number of set-backs and delays our toilet block was finally completed in September along with new guttering to allow for rainwater to run off the roof and into storage tanks to be used in the bathrooms. A pump was installed, and the bathrooms are now fully functioning with flushing toilets! 

The children were extremely excited, especially as they have special floral seats!


Our 2020 newsletter would not be complete without mention of Covid19 and the many challenges that it has brought with it. Due to the National Shut-down the Crèche was closed from the end of March until September, with no projects being allowed to be completed during this time. When the Crèche opened its doors in September to a limited number of students we ensured that they were met with excitement as well as all the necessary Covid19 protocols in place. Tables and chairs were reorganized in line with 1.5m social distancing requirements and high-quality cleaning suppliers were donated by Friends of Inkanyiso Crèche. Thanda Foundation supplied foot-operated sanitizing stations and provided each child with an adjustable face shield.

Thanda Foundation and Star for Life also held a fun and informative morning presented by Star for Life’s Professional Nurse Sli Mncube and the very entertaining mascot Jabulani. The children were enthralled by Jabulani whilst learning important lessons on safety measures, hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing

Teacher Neli

Thanda Foundation would like to extend a very warm welcome to our Assistant Teacher Neli who joined us in October 2020. Teacher Neli has been an absolute blessing assisting Teacher Lungi with upkeep of the Crèche  on top of her teaching responsibilities. Having a second teacher has been wonderful and has allowed the Crèche  to open a second classroom so that all the pupils could return and comply with the Covid19 regulations. 

Teacher Lungi

We would once again like to thank our very special Teacher Lungi! Our students absolutely love Teacher Lungi and her passion and dedication are an example to us all. On top of her teaching responsibility Teacher Lungi ensures that the Crèche  runs smoothly and is always in tip top shape. In order to assist Teacher Lungi and Neli, we received a very kind donation of two Apple Ipads, our Teachers are looking forward to using these next year, especially for English lessons.

Outside Classroom and play area 

Although the school year has come to an end, the work at Inkaniyso Crèche  is just getting started. Our very dedicated builder Jan and his team will be building a large outdoor classroom as well as tiling the current building and toilet block and installing a large sandpit underneath the jungle gym and trampoline, over the December holidays. 

The outdoor classroom will allow the students a shaded area to play under during the very hot summer months as well as provide Teacher Lungi and Neli with a much needed additional classroom. A guttering system will be installed to allow even more rainwater to be harvested. 

Thank you so much for all your help!

The Inkanyiso Crèche is supported by many Thanda Safari Guests, the Thanda Foundation Trust, and Friends of the Crèche from all Around the World. 

Thank you so much!

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